btw watching all these videos for fuego en la sangre i’m having a revelation that diana bracho looks like mi amá!!!!!!!!

when I was like 12 and I decided to voice an opinion en la mesa de los grandes

but then she would catch my eye like….

at parties being social but keeping an eye on me para asegurar que estoy saludando a todos, even my annoying prima

when she met my first boyfriend

diana bracho has all the judgmental mexican mom looks!!!!! she’s making me homesick!

Classic Chinese Ancient Buildings 
Cutaways Li Ganlang [via]

"Li Ganlang 2005 onwards started drawing, anatomical drawings to show the Chinese construction Shi Jingdian construction law, showing Chinese cultural characteristics of various buildings, covered wood constitutive temples, pavilions, towers, gates, caves, bridges, houses and so on five Shiyu Zuo building. By Yuan-Liou Publishing Company."

(Source: archatlas)